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Alternative Home Selling Approaches During Rising7% Mortgage Rates

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As Interest Rates Rise | Time To Consider A Cash Offer or Creative Financing?

North Carolina’s real estate market, like any other, can adjust quickly due to different market influences. One of the most resonant factors is the prevailing mortgage rates. As the rates inch towards the 7% mark, homeowners and potential sellers in North Carolina find themselves at a tough place when it comes to selling their houses fast. This article delves into the unique implications of North Carolina’s real estate landscape, underpinned by the current mortgage rate environment. It also sheds light on alternative methods for selling homes in this state amidst these evolving conditions.

Mortgage Rates in August in North Carolina

Mortgage rates wield significant influence over North Carolina’s real estate scene. When rates are low, they often serve as a catalyst, enticing buyers with the promise of affordable homeownership. Conversely, higher rates can cast a shadow on buyer demand due to increased borrowing costs. The number of homes sold in June 2023 was 12,872, which is down 18.2% from June 2022. As rates rise, you can expect this percentage to increase.

North Carolina, with its diverse urban hubs and charming rural communities, is not immune to these rate-driven market dynamics. As mortgage rates nudge the 7% threshold, affordability becomes a focal point. Potential buyers may find themselves grappling with higher monthly mortgage payments, which, in turn, can elongate the time a property spends on the market.

Alternative Selling Strategies and Companies that buy houses

Amidst North Carolina’s distinctive real estate tapestry, homeowners might consider alternative selling strategies to navigate the 7% mortgage rate environment:

  1. Rent-to-Own in the Research Triangle: North Carolina’s renowned Research Triangle, anchored by Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and Cary is a hub for innovation and education. Here, rent-to-own arrangements can be particularly advantageous. With local universities attracting transient populations, this approach caters to those who seek to establish roots but require time to secure conventional financing.
  2. Seller Financing in Coastal Communities: The coastal allure of North Carolina draws many buyers seeking a beachside retreat. However, with mortgage rates inching higher, some may encounter financing hurdles. Seller financing can be a beacon for these buyers, circumventing traditional lenders and forging direct seller-buyer agreements.
  3. Real Estate Auctions: There are many companies around North Carolina that host real estate auctions. With 7% mortgage rates, real estate auctions can quicken the selling process while appealing to buyers looking for distinct properties. Sellers, however, should weigh the potential trade-off between speed and optimal price attainment.
  4. Companies that buy houses: North Carolinas growing economy and urban vibe attract diverse residents. In a mortgage rate environment like this, considering iBuyers or cash buyers can expedite the selling process. This is especially valuable in a bustling city where swift transactions align with the fast-paced lifestyle. Companies like Fast Home Buyers NC can help offer options to buy houses quickly with closing within 7 days and can often pay cash or offer creative financing methods such as owner financing, seller financing, or even take over existing payments.

Selling my home to a we buy houses company?

When selling your home to a “We Buy Houses” company, there are several personal factors you should consider. Review these factors when understanding if working with a we buy houses company is for you:

  1. Regional Market Nuances: Different regions within North Carolina exhibit unique market trends. Understanding your local market’s resilience to 7% mortgage rates is pivotal.
  2. Personal Goals: Your financial goals and urgency to sell should influence your approach. Alternatives can offer swifter transactions or greater price flexibility, catering to varied objectives.
  3. Risk Awareness: Assessing risk tolerance is paramount. Each alternative method comes with its own set of uncertainties, and understanding their impact on your situation is key.
  4. Professional Insights: Consult real estate experts familiar with North Carolina’s market, as well as financial advisors and legal professionals. Their insights ensure informed decisions.


North Carolina’s real estate canvas is as diverse as its landscapes, and the canvas is currently being brushed with 7% mortgage rates. For homeowners and potential sellers, this juncture beckons the exploration of unconventional selling methods. If you are open to different options, get your no-obligation offer to see how you can avoid banks and contingency with selling your home.

As North Carolina evolves, the spirit of innovation holds the key to successful navigation. By evaluating the interplay between personal circumstances, regional market nuances, and risk factors, North Carolina homeowners can take a look at options other than selling on the market. At Fast Home Buyers NC, we look forward to potentially working with you to help offer creative solutions for your property!

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